Peanut Butter + Super Seeds | For Healthy Wholesome Snacking | 510 grams

Peanut Butter + Super Seeds | For Healthy Wholesome Snacking | 510 grams
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WOW Life Omega and Krill


WOW Life Science Peanut Butter + Super Seeds is rich in protein and enhanced with Omega-3. It contains the ideal mix of super seeds - flax, pumpkin, watermelon, sunflower and chia seeds that not only add to the crunch but also make it healthier. It also makes up for a healthy and tasty snack.

Benefits of Peanut Butter + Super Seeds

-Contains a mix of super seeds for that extra dose of health
-Excellent source of Protein and Fiber
-Contains healthy fats and keeps you full

Why would you love our Peanut Butter

-Enriched with Super Seeds
-10g protein per serve
-100mg Omega 3 fats per serve
-Vegan & Gluten Free
-No added sugar or preservatives
-Sweetened with jaggery

Ways to include it in the diet

-Add to a smoothie
-Bake healthy desserts
-Add to your sandwich
-Have a spoonful as it is


  •  Ravi 5

    Great product, luv it :

    Very good quality peanut butter, just like what it should be. A must try for every health conscious person.

  • Varsha 5

    Good one:

    Flavour is good.people who don't like the normal taste of peanut butter should go for this as it is tasty and healthy.

  • Yash 4

    Like it:

    Everyone in family liked this peanut butter

  • Karthik 4

    Healthy and tasty

    It is healthy and tastes great

  • Harshal 5

    WOW, best peanut butter

    Super product

  • Neha 5


    Best peanut butter in market by WOW

  • Gaurav 4

    Peanut butter with jaggery

    This product goes on to prove that you don't need sugar to make peanut butter better

  • Anurupa 4

    Value for money

    A good healthy option without sugar at a reasonable price.

  • Suman 3


    Okay only, need more sweetness

  • Lalita 5

    Taste really nice

    Taste really good .. we can give to kids without fear